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The Boy Who Cried Wolf
by Dommy
Monday 13th February 2017
Jamie has a big imagination. When a tiny bird lands in the forest, Jamie screams ‘WOLF!’. When he hears a mouse yawning in a hollow log and the sound echoes loud like a howl… the boy calls WOLF! again. When he sees the sun shine on a puddle at the edge of the forest and he thinks it is the glint of the wolf’s teeth he shouts Wolf! When the villagers see no wolf, they are not happy… in fact they are so unhappy that Jamie’s dad says, ‘The boy is a fool. If he cries Wolf! again, just ignore him,’ and they go back to their boring jobs in the village. Meanwhile, deep in the shadows between the trees, wolf eyes twinkle… And Jamie, on his own now, can hear a long, low growl rumbling through the trees… What will happen when the wolf is not an imaginary wolf at all?
Suitable for ages 5+ and their families
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The Big Bang
by Burnley Youth Theatre
Fri 18th & Sat 19th February
7:30pm Fri, 2:30pm Sat
Have you ever wondered how the world began? Was it really a Big Bang? Or was there more than just science going on back then? Come and find out in The Big Bang, a intriguing and captivating new play performed and devised by Burnley Youth Theatre which will explore the beginning of time through the eyes of different cultures from Norse Folklore to Ancient Greek Philosophies all in order to get to the bottom of how it all began!
Suitable for all ages
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Wow! Said The Owl
by Little Angel
Thursday 2nd March 2017
11am & 1pm
Explore the wow-world of colours with this curious little owl who is determined to stay awake to see what day light brings. From the warm pink glow of dawn through to a day filled with the bright colours of green leaves, blue sky, grey clouds and, finally, a stunning rainbow — ‘WOW!’. But despite the beauty of the daytime world, the little owl decides that the night-time stars are the most beautiful of all. WOW! Said the Owl, the acclaimed children’s book by award winning author Tim Hopgood, is brought to life through a blend of beautiful story-telling, puppetry and music. Directed by Joy Haynes, this show will delight and excite children aged 2-5yrs.
Suitable for ages 2+
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by Door A Jar Theatre
Tuesday 14th March 2017
An actor-musician follow up to Shakespeare's popular comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Fourteen years have passed since the fateful night Thisbe’s parents, Helena and Demetrius, were lost in the woods. The only thing they remember is waking up completely in love with one another. But as their love becomes obsession, where does this leave their neglected and confused daughter, Thisbe? Cue the prankster Puck and his fairy flunkeys who love nothing more than to meddle with the mortal world. With the promise of solving all of her problems, they lure Thisbe into the woods where it isn’t long before she finds herself embroiled in their roguery. Intoxicated with magic and adventure, has Thisbe gone too far this time? Can she stop her family falling apart? BSL interpreted and with an original score.
Suitable for ages 12+
01282 458655
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